Case study: Southbank Centre

Southbank Centre is the UK’s largest arts centre and one of the UK's top five visitor attractions, occupying a 17 acre site on the South Bank of the River Thames.

Purpose and nature of the work

Southbank Centre runs a regular internal programme of security activities. This includes annual exercises to test systems, such as their website, and to assess staff behaviour and security awareness. They have a variety of externally available services, as well as a complex network carrying devices and traffic for a variety of on-site subcontractors and tenants.

In the past, they have contracted an external pentester annually to run on-site tests. In their experience, these tests did not add much more value than can be achieved by running network scanners and other such tools. They result in reports comprising an excessively long list of items, sometimes more than 400 in number, which are very difficult to manage or prioritise.

They wanted an alternative approach that matched their own ideas about how a useful security test would be run. Tradecraft’s adversary simulation offering seemed to offer the solution they needed, especially the way we define our scope and work with our clients to build a realistic objective informed by actual threats.

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